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Howdy!!! Happy New Year!!! May this Year be the Best of Our Lives so Far!!!

It has been a while since we met on these hallowed pages. My going AWOL is neither pity-inducing nor tears-welcoming, it is something largely owing to procrastination, but I would rather leave that discussion for another day. Anyway, this is the beginning of a new year when resolutions are still standing strong and sturdy, thus the penning of this post. One of my New Year resolutions is to always ensure at least one post a week on this blog and I fervently hope this resolution will not go the way of my resolution to abstain from porn, back when I was 22-years-old; it usually took me up to the flipping of the calendar to February to backslide, only to come back the following year with the same resolution. Suffice to say I eventually overcame that addiction when I was 25 when I realized the movies were anything but educational. Since I could actually do better than the actors in the movies; I promptly gave up watching and intensified acting my own movies, albeit behind closed doors (most of the time) and in the absence of those massive lights and cameras.

Obviously, many things have changed since the last time we met here: Dame now (thinks she) looks like Kim Kardashian a la her uninterrupted two months sojourn overseas crisscrossing Germany and Dubai; Private Jets have become typical Birthday Presents a la Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor; Laptops and LED Televisions are now veritable souvenirs at Weddings a la Vice president Sambo; State Governors have become Endangered Species a la air and road mishaps; Motorcycles have become another revenue stream for the “friendly” Nigerian Police a la Lagos Traffic Laws; Barack Obama continues as the President of the USA a la Credible Elections; Nigerian Farmers now need Mobile Phones more than Funding and Fertilizer a la Minister of Agriculture Dr Adewunmi Adeshina; D’Banj flew a dozen international A-artistes to Nigeria and made Nigerians trek to see them perform a la KokoConcert; Osaze Odemwingie has deposed Charlie Sheen as the Undisputed King of Meltdowns a la Twitter Rants, DANA is busy in the air again a la Cheap Fares;… But many things have still not changed: Arsenal is still as erratic as PHCN; GEJ is still as success-assuring as seeing a blind-folded one-legged octogenarian represent your country in the 100m at the Summer Olympics; Cost of living is still skyrocketing in Lagos; Twitter Warlords are still sharing territories and protecting their domains; and I still remain my humble self.

And that leads me to the purpose of this post which is not about anything in particular as we might all have realized by now, but it is about announcing my resuscitation and providing a glimpse into what you should expect every week which is: discussion of a burning issue served as a dish of “logical analysis”, garnished with “witty statements”, and sprinkled with “humour”.  The Blog is still aptly named “Wise Wide and Wild” simply because that is what you will get from here. The topic will come as the spirit leads, as the occasion demands, or sometimes as you demand. They will range from the serious, the mundane and to the outlandish. Sometimes they will educate, sometimes they will inform, sometimes they will entertain, most times they will do the three together; I pray a time never comes when they will bore.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!
See You Next Time!!!

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