Nigerian born Almeria Striker, Sadiq Umar has said that there is no limits to his scoring abilities.

Sadiq ,who has scored eleven league goals for his sides hinted to brila. net  that ,the sky is his limit in terms of scoring of goals and he hopes to score more before the season gets to an end.

Furthermore he added that,his target is to beat the last form of goal scoring tally and now he is gradually achieving it.

“My target is to beat the last year goals and now I have done it and without limits,I just have to keep on going and see where I will arrive. ”

The former Rio Olympics U23 forward added that,their team is improving on a daily basis citing numbers of matches and successes recorded in subsequent big games played against a first division side in the Spanish laliga.

“For us to beat a first team side all came with the believe and a pep talk amongst ourselves saying, we need big games even though I had played more big games before,  playing against clubs in the Europa league like Manchester United,also I played in the serial A so,I have experienced when it comes to such games, but here, we don’t bother ourselves thinking we want to play a first division team because of the commitment we have between us ,we just want a test higher and we did past the test and now,it gives us more confidence in the team which keeps us going,” he said.

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