Goalkeeper Fatawu Dauda reveals shocking reasons why he left Nigeria Premier League side Enyimba.

“There’s one particular reason why I finally decided to leave Enyimba FC. It’s all because of betting. Betting can completely destroy football. You know Nigeria is a big country. Sometimes, we can be on the road for two days traveling for an away game.

We will go and lose a game but when we come on the bus, you’ll see some players happy. You’ll see some players pressing their phones, checking score lines of other league games. I later got to find out from one of our guys that some of the players in the team were betting on our matches.

They were fixing the games. It was shocking. It was the reason I decided to leave because I can’t be part of this and it was a waste of time playing in games when some people have already planned the outcome”.

Via Angel TV

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