In a Rat Race, the eventual winner is still a Rat. – SirRash (An aspiring Sage or something like that)

Gone are the days when you hear the word Sage and you think of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sun Tsu, Lao Tzu, Awo, Zik, Nkrumah, Bob Marley, Baba Fela, and a few others. Today, Sages have become a dime a dozen, and the most annoying are motivational speakers telling everybody that cares to pay to listen that they could be anything they want to be, thus encouraging people who should be busy taking naps for as long as possible to become motivational speakers (continuing the endless vicious cycle) all opening their mouths or punching their keypads terrorising us with their shallow anecdotes, simplistic soundbites,

and one dimensional ideas. The fad right now is to tell people that paid-employment cannot make them wealthy, that they have to float their own start-ups, which is ironical because if these speakers do know the recipe for wealth, why are they not all wealthy yet? I have always been an advocate of diversity, so I will not want to advocate for throwing all motivational speakers in jail, some of them do make sense most of the time, I would rather look on the bright side, they could have been politicians.

Indubitably, only a few things in this world are ever constant: death, but no one knows when or how it will come; and mathematical formulaes, but only a handful of people understand them. One person’s “Road to Redemption” is another’s “Highway to Hell”; some toil to make ends meet whilesome gets things in abundance without even trying. Yes, we must always aspire to improve and increase (not in size or weight), but we have to understand at the same time that we are an ecosystem because of our diversity. And the foregrounding of wealth over everything else puts the human race at risk because it relegates morality/humanity and promotes greed/soullessness. The fact of life is: we all cannot be wealthy, we all cannot be rich, we cannot alleven be comfortable, some people will still be poor. We will all continue to strive to be better, but we do not own all the aces, and no matter what hands we play, we cannot always win. Knowledge and Intelligence are necessary for social mobility, but these are not even readily available to all at the same rate or price. In reality, Fate, Destiny, Grace, and their other metaphysical kins are factors you cannot totally extricate from our lives. Now I think I am in a whirlwind.

The whirlwind is eerily whirling around and forward at a pace faster than the speed of light, but instead of feeling dizzy and puking all over the place I was actually relaxed and I was even penning the next post for my blog (which is now the Number One Blog in the whole world) and mentally composing tweets to troll self-appointed Twitter warlords and narcissistic underscore-abusing Instagram baes. Then an invisible hand gave me a transparent bag which means I did not have to open it to see that it contains all the high-end gadgets in the world – iPhone 10, Samsung S9, Samsung Note 7, Sony Xperia ZX, Blackberry Z100, iPad Invisible, PS8, Xbox5, Google Brain, etc, and they are all my custom-designed complimentary pieces from the manufacturers as a token of their appreciation of my contribution to the design and development. Then, the whirlwind came to a halt and I saw all the rich people in the world, including a senile Birdman and a grotesque Tunechi (they are known as “Old Money Much Money Gazillionaires – OMMMG), sitting at a table and the seat at the head of the table was unoccupied, and immediately they saw me, they all stood and paid obeisance, obviously, I am the richest man on Earth now. Then a contraption which obviously reads mind wheezed me to the head of the table… Actually, I could go on and on, but I think I have reached a point where I need to stop deluding myself and admit that I have come to the end of my writing tethers for today.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!
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