They donned Shirts hand-woven by Racism,
Suits designed by Bigotry
Shoes crafted by Xenophobia
And Hats made by Homophobia.
Then they stepped out looking grimy, in their stinking Regalia of Hate,
And called themselves Nationalists.

They all want their Country back
And are willing to trade their Humanity
And Civility
And Consanguinity
To make great again
What had already been collectively made Great.

Self-inflicted Fractures…
Self-induced Dislocations…
Self-performed Dismemberment…
Now the world is sliding
Into an abyss of disenchantment
And those who seemed to represent sanity
Are the Clowns currently Dancing Naked on the Expressway.

Their Actions; and Our Collective Reactions, or Inactions
Will either make the World Great Again
Or make us all scurrying to vote for Earthexit.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!
See You Next Time!!!

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