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Coronavirus Is Not The Cause Of Global Mass Death, Says Australia-based Nigerian Scientist


Australia-based Nigerian Scientist, Emmanuel Adeyemi has revealed that the novel Coronavirus is not the cause of  Mass death around the globe claiming that the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic does not require any vaccine.

Emmanuel Adeyemi an Alumnus of the University of Ibadan who is based in Melbourne Australia, will reveal to the world on Saturday, June 20, 2020, in a press conference the truth about the global pandemic that is ravaging the world and the cure.

The brilliant Nigerian Scientist discovered after deep and thorough research that China made a wrong diagnosis of the disease which has made it difficult to understand the clinical signs and symptoms of the disease and to develop a treatment regimen for the disease.


Adeyemi who will be presenting his research findings to the world through a press conference this Saturday, found out that in late 2019 Wuhan Municipal Health Commission first reported a case of Pneumonia and they believed that the Pneumonia was a result of a virus because of  three reasons:
(1) Because of the Wet animal live market in China where it was believed that the virus must have spilled over from a bat or another animal to humans.

(2) Because of the Wuhan Institute of Virology which has the China Centre for Virus Culture Collection which is the largest Virus Bank in the whole of Asia and they thought that the Virus must have leaked from the virus bank.

(3) Because of the resemblance of the clinical symptoms of COVID-19 to that of the 2002 SARS outbreak which presents with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and since SARS was caused by a Coronavirus, it was believed that the current Global disease too is due to a new Coronavirus.

Emmanuel disclosed that recently, Chinese Researchers have said openly that the wet Market is not the source of the Coronavirus and that the Virus didn’t leak from the Wuhan Laboratory.

The University of Ibadan graduate, who has been able to obtain scientific publications from China which show that the problem China had was a case of widespread Pneumonia, stated that the Chinese Center for Disease Control (CCDC) named the causative agent as a Novel Coronavirus. He also claimed that he has a scientific paper that shows how the World Health Organization (WHO) named Pneumonia from China as COVID-19.

Scientists said that Pneumonia is not only caused by a virus and that there are other causes of Pneumonia. He said he has discovered through his research findings the main causative agent and that the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic does not require any vaccine.

Emmanuel Adeyemi Aiyeyun who has various degrees — BPT, MSc, CSRS, MNSP, MMRTB in his field will be providing scientific answers to the following unknown questions about COVID-19 during his press conference, where he will be launching a video that will explain the original cause, the solution and how to prevent a future occurrence of this global pandemic.

(1) Why the incubation period of the Novel disease is 14 days and why we are to self-isolate for 14 days after exposure to the causative agent?

(2) Why it affects more males than females?

(3) Why it affects people over 65 years of age?

(4) Why it is more prevalent during cold and winter seasons?

(5) Why it is less common in warm and summer seasons?

(6) Why it killed more black Americans than Whites in the United States of America.

(7) How and why it caused more deaths in Countries like Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.

(8) Why hydroxychloroquine being an antimalarial drug is able to treat this novel disease?

(9) Why Madagascar drug was able to treat the novel disease?

(10) How and why the disease results to loss of sense of smell in some patients.

(11) Why some patients present with stroke symptoms and blue coloration of the skin.

(12) Why New York City has the highest death rate in the United States of America.

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