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Super Eagles Jersey: Fans React to Nike Designs

Nike’s recent unveiling of the new Super Eagles jersey has sparked a wave of reactions from Nigerians, with many expressing their displeasure and disappointment over the design. The new kits, set to be worn by the Super Eagles for their 2026 World Cup qualifying campaign, have stirred up a significant amount of criticism on social media platforms and beyond.

Fan Displeasure and Criticism

  • The red Nike logo deviating from the usual color scheme, and the ‘Naija’ inscription on the shirts were some of the key points of contention among fans.
  • Numerous fans expressed dissatisfaction with the design, stating that it did not effectively represent Nigeria as a country and lacked the traditional green-white-green color scheme that is synonymous with the nation.
  • Criticisms also centered on the square-shaped necks of the jerseys, the choice of red for the Nike logo, and the overall lack of representation of Nigerian symbols, culture, and identity on the kits.

Social Media Backlash

  • Social media platforms served as a hotbed for the airing of views, with users expressing their disappointment and disapproval of the new kits. Some fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their discontent, highlighting their disapproval of the design choices made by Nike.
  • The use of the term ‘Naija’ instead of ‘Nigeria’ on the front of the Jersey and the overall departure from traditional Nigerian design elements were recurring themes in the online backlash.

Call for Redesign and Constructive Feedback

  • Amidst the widespread criticism, some fans offered constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. They urged Nike to reconsider the design choices and make revisions in line with the expectations and cultural significance of the Nigerian national team’s kits.
  • Fans emphasized the importance of accurately representing Nigeria’s national identity and heritage through the design of the team’s kits, calling for a more culturally relevant and symbolic approach.


The reactions to Nike’s unveiling of the new Super Eagles jersey have revealed a strong sense of disappointment and disapproval among fans. The criticisms primarily revolve around the departure from traditional design elements, the absence of national symbols, and the overall failure to effectively represent Nigeria’s identity through the kits. As the Super Eagles prepare to don these new jerseys for their upcoming World Cup campaign, it remains to be seen if Nike will heed the constructive feedback and make the necessary adjustments to address the concerns raised by fans.

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