This is a start which I hope will be looked back upon as a pivotal moment in my life; and by extension, the lives of everyone and anyone that gets to read this.

I had decided long ago that I had to open a blog, but I had been too busy on the streets making people happy. Someone, somewhere, somehow decided that people on the streets had had enough of me and decided to put me on a swivelling chair, at the end of a long desk, in front of an HP PC, in an open office. You would think “Voila, here begets a Blogger!!!” So, I thought too, until I tried to get online and realised that even google is INACCESSIBLE. My PC is always connected to the internet, but I cannot go online. Hello?! I could understand if you block those porn sites (who would want to watch porn in an open office anyway), I would understand if you blocked Facebook and Twitter (those are considered Gossip sites anyway, and we should not encourage gossipping in the office, even if it cannot qualify as office gossips), I should understand if you blocked all those sites where credit card information can be retrieved (that is assuming you know them); but how in the world could you block LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and the almighty Google??? I believe the thought would have been: with Microsoft Office installed on Official HP PC in an open Office, what else would a Civilian Officer need? What I have been trying to say is: my laptop was just like a typical manilla file sold for N20 in a typical bookshop on Ojuelegba Road, when you are coming from Yaba; anything you did not put there, do not expect to find it there.

That was how the idea remained an idea, because like a weak spermatozoon, millions of other ideas, from other people’s heads (not from my head), and moving in opposite direction, were alive and strong enough to make sure it remained an idea. Until our cries went around and finally got to the geeks in the IT Department, who pressed some letters and numbers that we also normally press, and achieved results that we cannot ever achieve whether normally, abnormally, or paranormally. The length and breadth of it is that, life finally came into the Official HP PC, and with CTRL+ENTER, after some some letter-combinations (geeky, isn’t  it?), I can be transported to anywhere in the world. It was such a journey that finally brought me here to bring my “blognancy” into the Labour Room (do they still call it that name? that sounds kinda scary), and the baby is “Wise Wide and Wild”.

I aptly name this Blog “Wise Wide and Wild” simply because that is what you will get from here. The topic willl come as the spirit leads, as the occassion demands, or sometimes as you demand. They will range from the serious to the mundanne to the outlandish. Sometimes they will educate, sometimes they will inform, sometimes they will entertain, most times they will do the three together; I pray a time never comes when they will bore.

This is the just the Genesis. Expect an Exodus of Posts from Me to You… A Chronicle of Wise Wide and Wild posts that will keep you always running back. The gracious Act of spreading the messsage about this Blog will be appreciated, please be my Apostles. And I also need Revelations from you in form of comments and criticisms so I can always meet your lofty standards.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!
See You Next Time!!!

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